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    Master Dutch shipbuilders since 1918, Amels emerged in 1982 as a global brand leader in yachtbuilding. A member of Damen shipyards group since 1991, Amels has launched more than 30 superb custom yachts, universally admired for their flawless quality. Amels also builds LIMITED EDITIONS, revolutionizing the semi-custom marketplace.



    AMELS' shipbuilding heritage goes back several generations. Today, AMELS' modern facilities on the North Sea are shared by the 135-year-old Royal Schelde Shipyard, which brings its own established mastery to the yacht building process. To meet current and future orders, all facilities have been

    expanded and upgraded, production methods have been revised and traffic flow optimized. Together, AMELS' covered drydocks and work bays can support six yachts in various production stages, with adjoining areas dedicated to on-site subcontractors. Larger hulls are fabricated at Royal Schelde's nearby Naval shipyard.

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